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An NPC Guard of the Peace Square. Only appears in the Rank Quests under "Love-I" and "Love-II". He name is most memorable for players who have been to the royal garden. His name is mentioned by the Royal Garden Matron as she is scolding the Guilty Qiqiao. "What's with the crying? Haven't I told you to stay away from that guard Tongxi? Now What?" This conversation can be found in the center ring of the Royal Garden.


In Love I Quest Maid Tongruo feels as if she was being followed. "I saw someone behind a tree when I was on the swing the other day. But when I got off the swing to check, no one was there". You dress as an ordinary guard and run into Tongxi. You question him as to why he is following Tongruo and then battle him. After the battle he proclaims his love for her and he wants to tell her his feelings since he recently got promoted.


In Love II Quest he asks for character to give something to Maid Tongruo. She is worried about social status and your character gives her advice. You say that he must show her that he is strong enough to protect her and then you battle him. ​