Fate of the Empress Wiki

Skill Information[]


1. Divine Nectar: Deal DMG to an enemy and ricochet to 2 enemies.

2. Satisfied Desire: Increase part of the Gourmet Character's ATK to an ally for 2 rounds. A chance to dispel debuffs.


1. Perfection: Deal DMG to 3 enemies and increase DMG dealt by 3 allies for 2 rounds.


1. Natural Perfection: Each time DMG is dealt to the target, recover some HP for the ally with the lowest HP.



HP, DEF, RES, DMG Res and AGI gems are better for Gourmet, according to Meixin’s observation.


Having the greatest survival ability among all Classes, Gourmet can provide outstanding Support and Healing to the team. Therefore, magnifying the ability in defense would be the best choice for Gourmet.

Embattle Placement[]

Gourmet can increase the team’s DMG dealt, and recover HP for the allies as well.

Therefore, Meixin would recommend the following Formation:

Gourmet + 2 Group DMG + 2 Single DMG + 1 Control


Powerful Group DMG Scholars such as Zhuge Liang and Libai, plus two Single DMG Guards, will perfectly guarantee the DMG ability of the team. Then, by adding a Doctor like Daji to make up Gourmet’s weakness in Control, the whole team will become much more invincible.

In Fate of the Empress, the Formation is actually highly free. Your Highness can arrange your team according to your own progress or favor. Certainly, it’s always recommended to place the Hero with the best Quality and Level in the Front Hero position!

If you choose to be a Gourmet, your team would possess the ability of recovering, damaging and dispelling at the same time, making it simply to win the battle. And your passive skill which recovers HPs for allies sometimes can be the key to turn the table!