Fate of the Empress Wiki

The main portion of this game is to follow the story and battle your way to the top. You get your main character and 5 other heroes of various levels: SR Heroes, SSR Heroes, UR Heroes. You will need to boost your might and that will help you get further in the game. On the sidelines you are also trying to raise your status to become empress for the female character or emperor for the male character. I suggest going to gameplay options and then clicking the hero icon because it gives details on how many shards you need to level up your heroes.

Gameplay Options[]

The Gameplay options section below is a bunch of pictures of all the in game options. Click on the icon that you want to learn more about.

A Picture of a couple holding hands A picture of a gold metal A Picture of a tower
A Picture of a horse head A Picture of a piece of clothing A Picture of a heart
A Picture of a man holding a scroll A Picture of a shovel and hoe A Picture of a scroll A Picture of a pendant
A Picture of a pet bowl A Picture of a scroll A Picture of a banner A Picture of a banner
A Picture of a house A Picture of a cog A Picture of a two people A Picture of a mail
A Picture of a person A Picture of shoes A Picture of a bag


When you click the daily button at the top of the screen these options pop up.


There are a few things that you can do each day.

Palace Roam[]

Palace roam quests unlock at level 40. Doing these reward you with XP and coins.


Ranking up will let your character earn more XP and coins in the palace trial auto battle. Ranking up will also unlock more things in authority.

Elite Trial Section

The elite trial unlocks at level 32. The elite trial has different elites that you can battle and get rewards. The elites drop different gear designs and each person that you fight will drop a different type of gear design. The designs that you can earn are shown under "drops".

Flash Events

Flash Events - The game has real time events that happen throughout the day. There are events happening everyday and when you join the events you can get rewards such as XP or various rare items.