Fate of the Empress Wiki

Skill Information[]


1. Bitter Poison: Deal DMG to 3 enemies. A chance to poison them for 2 rounds.

2. Concealed Power: Deal DMG to an enemy. A chance to silence the enemy's basic skills.


1. Illusory Joy: Deal DMG to 3 enemies. A chance to stun the target.


1. Fatal Strike: Each time DMG is dealt to the target, there will be a chance of increasing the next DMG taken by the target, lasing 2 rounds.



ACC, AGI, HP, ATK and DMG Buff gems are better for Doctor, according to Meixin’s observation.


Doctor can deal continuous damage to the enemies, and more importantly, make a chance to bring negative effects such as stun and skill silence, of which the probability is based on Doctor’s ACC Rate. Therefore, ACC Gems would be the most suitable one for Doctor.

HP and AGI Gems are also decent, since a higher HP helps enhance Doctor’s survival ability, and a higher AGI helps Doctor cast skills ahead of enemies.

Besides, an ATK or DMG buff Gem to strengthen Doctor’s ATK ability would be another great choice.

Embattle Placement[]

Meixin recommend the following Formation:

Doctor + 2 Scholars + 2 Guards + 1 Gourmet


Placing 2 Scholars and 2 Guards in your team can perfectly make up the lack of ATK ability of Doctor. As for the last position, a Gourmet who can provide Support and Healing would be just great!

Meixin would recommend these 2 Heroes: Wu Zetian and Prince Gao.

As a Gourmet, Wu Zetian can increase ATK and CRIT Rate of the team, and reduce DEF of the opposite, while the Guard Prince Gao earns an incredible Single ATK ability. Having these two in your team, you’ll be able to win the battle with ease!

Powerful and good-looking, Doctor is definitely worth a try!